2018 Pentax K-mount DSLR User Survey

The results are in!

By beholder3 in Photo Industry News on Aug 9, 2018

Between February 26th and March 10th, we conducted a detailed survey via e-mail to gauge the current and future interests of Pentax K-mount DSLR users.  Given the broad scope of the survey, we never would have expected to receive over 1,600 responses!

Thanks to you, we are now ready to share the results of the survey, which was intended for people who user Pentax as their primary camera brand.

Pentax K-1 II eBook Now Available, 25% Off

Introductory discount, and free for existing eBook owners

By PF Staff in Photo Industry News on Apr 6, 2018

On behalf of Yvon Bourque, we are happy to announce the availability of the Pentax K-1 II eBook! This comprehensive guidebook will help you master your camera, and has helped hundreds of fellow forum members get the most out of each photo. Existing K-1 eBook owners can download the K-1 II edition for free.

From now until April 20th, the Pentax K-1 II eBook is available for 25% off!  Get it for just $14.25 (normally $18.99).

Buy the K-1 II eBook | Download Here

Order securely through the forum for this exsluive member price using either a credit card or PayPal. Your download link will instantly be delivered via private message, and you'll have access to the PDF at any time thereafter through the same link.

If you have any questions for the author, he can be reached in the Pentax eBook forum.

Sony Announces Image Sensor with Global Shutter, BSI

Future sensor enables flicker-free, silent shooting without rolling distortion

By JonPB in Photo Industry News on Mar 8, 2018

Sony recently announced the successful development of a digital imaging sensor that records all pixels simultaneously, a function known as a "global shutter." While this technological advance is still in its early stages, it might foreshadow advances found in future Pentax cameras

Looking Back at the Pentax Community in 2017

New products, site features, and community events

By PF Staff in Photo Industry News on Jan 12, 2018

2018 is already here, and before we get too far into new developments, let's take a look at the highlights and happenings of 2017 within the Pentax community.

4,000,000 Posts on the Forum

We hit a major milestone toward the end of 2017, when our members submitted the 4-millionth post on the forum.  Stay tuned for an event to celebrate!

Site Features

In 2017, we rolled out more site features and events than Pentax product announcements.  Let's start by taking a look at the exciting additions to PF throughout the year.

Deal Finder with Price Alerts

Our deal finder seeks to find the best Pentax deals currently available in the US (support for other countries with established online retailers is planned in the future).  You can get an e-mail notification when a price drops below a desired level, and you can also check to see if an advertised price is in fact the lowest that we've recently observed.

Check out the Deal Finder

Lens Finder: Pentax & Third-Party Lenses

We've expanded our lens finder to include current third-party lenses.  You can now run searches focusing on very specific criteria across all Pentax-branded lenses as well as over 50 third-party offerings.

Browse the Lens Finder

Pentax User Map

We added a user map, allowing you to add yourself to the map and find nearby members.  You can also see where currently active users are located!

View the User Map

One-Click Mosaic Gallery

Commenting on photos has never been easier- just scroll through the list of large thumbnails, pick the ones you like, submit your comment and repeat.  No extra page loads needed!  Supports discovering older photos that you haven't seen before.

Forum Gallery View

Secure Browsing

In early 2017 we migrated to a new web server, which promises better availability and robustness.  The entire site is now served over secure HTTPS, and we encourage all linked photos to include HTTPS links as well.

Pentaxian Profiles

We added Pentaxian profiles for two very talented photographers in distinct fields.  Check them out by clicking either portrait below below!

Pentaxian Profile: Nguyen Nam

If you are a professional shooter and would like to share your story, please contact us.

Hurricane Releif

2017 was unfortunately a year full of natural disasters, but the community did its part to help out.  We donated $1200 to relief efforts for hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

PentaxForums Donates $1200 to Hurricane Relief

2017 PF T-shirts

Our members designed a number of fantastic designs for our 2017 T-shirt contest, and those designs proved to be some of the most popular to date.  We've also added top designs from 2016 and 2015 to our Teespring store.  Get 20% off everything with the coupon code PF2017PROM.

Browse 2017 PF T-shirts

Solar Eclipse Challenge

Let's look back at the amazing photos that our members submitted during the amazing total solar eclipse!

Browse challenge photos

Best of 2016

Many of our members submitted their single best photo of 2016 into a community-wide contest.  Take a look at the winners, or browse the full gallery in the Post Your Photos forum.

Browse the winners

2017 Giveaways

We gave away a Pentax K-S2, lenses, and a flash in 2017.  Stay tuned for more this year.

Eric Hendrickson Time Off Until 2018

Hold off on new repair orders for a bit, please.

By K David in Photo Industry News on Oct 22, 2017

A PSA from Pentax Forums: Eric Hendrickson, well-known Pentax repairman in the US, is pausing new orders for a few months. He is not retiring, just clearing out backlog.

A bit more than two years ago, Pentax Forums traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee, to interview Eric Hendrickson about camera repair. Eric is the most-well-known Pentax repairman working today. He formerly ran the Honeywell Pentax repair shop outside of Chicago, and repairs a lot of cameras and lenses for Pentax Forums members at reasonable prices.  In addition to CLAing and fixing legacy bodies, Eric can also service many modern lenses, such as FA Limiteds.

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