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Ricoh Imaging represenatitives to monitor dedicated help forum

By PF Staff in Photo Industry News on Dec 8, 2016
Get Official Pentax Support on PentaxForums

One of PentaxForums' main goals as a community is to help provide users with quick answers to general troubleshooting questions, and to host resources to assist with repairs and warranty service.  If you frequent the forums, chances are you've seen the troubleshooting forum or the more recent repairs and warranty forum.

Today, we're happy to announce a brand new support section: "Ask Ricoh Imaging Support".  This section will be monitored by Ricoh Imaging's own US customer service representatives.  You can ask a question by starting a new thread. This will allow you to have a one-on-one conversation with customer service (other members won't be able to post in your thread) regarding your Pentax or Ricoh gear.

Update as of 1/7/2017: monitoring and fully following up on each customer's request through the official Pentax support forum proved to be a much more challenging task than originally anticipated.  To ensure quality customer service, we have therefore closed this section as per Ricoh's request and replaced it with a product feedback section that will continue being monitored by Ricoh on a passive basis.  Unofficial forum support will of course continue to be available via the troubleshooting section.

We will continue working with Ricoh as closely as possible and hope to bring back the section at a later date.

Visit the new official Pentax support forum

Suitable topics include questions about service, sales, warranty, accessories, or general operation of any recent Pentax or Ricoh camera.  You are also encouraged to post feedback about your equipment or prior service experience, as this will be actively monitored and conveyed to management as needed.  If you need to share private information, we've posted Ricoh's support phone number and a link to their online chat in a sticky at the top of the forum.

Note that while this section is currently only monitored by US / Canadian customer service representatives, certain topics may also apply to members in other countries.

We were presented with this opportunity in the wake of a restructuring of the US support network for Pentax and Ricoh products.  Pentax camera support will now handled by Ricoh itself, rather than a third-party.  The ultimate goal is to make resources more accessible to end users, and to collect user feedback more effectively. To this end, among other things, phone support hours have been extended to 8am until 8pm on weekdays.  We will continue to post updates of any other relevant support news as further changes are made.

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