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Not all kits at all US retailers yet

By PF Staff in Photo Industry News on Jul 9, 2012

Now that Monday is here, we can finally take a look at the state of the Pentax K-30's availability in the US.  Currently, no retailers have all of the K-30 kits in stock.  Most notably, it doesn't seem that white and blue bodies are available separately yet.  However, the 18-55mm kit is available in all three colors, and one store has the 18-135mm kit in stock.

The K-30 is not yet available from the Pentax Web Store, Amazon, or Beach Camera. If you run in to any other retailers that do have it in stock, or see the K-30 locally, please let us know in the K-30 forum.

The K-30 body does not seem to have sold out anywhere yet, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will do better than past Pentax bodies in terms of popularity among beginners and amateurs. The table below summarizes the current K-30 availability:

K-30 Kits

B&H Photo


Abe's of Maine

Black Body ($849) In Stock In Stock In-Stock In Stock
Blue Body ($849) Pre-Order Coming Soon Pre-Order Pre-Order
White Body ($849) Pre-Order Coming Soon Pre-Order Pre-Order
Black Kit ($1049)
In Stock Not Sold Yet
In Stock In Stock
Black Kit ($1149)
In Stock Not Sold Yet

In Stock

18-135mm WR
Black Kit ($1199)
Pre-Order In Stock Coming Soon Pre-Order
Black Kit ($899)
Pre-Order In Stock In-Stock Pre-Order
Blue Kit ($899)
In Stock In Stock Pre-Order In Stock
White Kit ($899)
Pre-Order Coming Soon In Stock Pre-Order

From what we currently know, the white and blue 18-55mm lens kits do not come with black and blue lenses (they are the standard black version).  This is unlike the Pentax K-r, which had colored bodies bundled with colored lenses.

You can expect us to post an in-depth Pentax K-30 review in the coming weeks!

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