Pentax K-5 II is #1 says DxOMark

Pentax K-5 II scores higher than any Canon DSLR

By PF Staff in Photo Industry News on Nov 22, 2012

As our alert user photoman1 has already posted about here,  DxOMark has tested the Pentax K-5 II and they found the K-5 II to be the best APS-C DSLR ever tested, scoring higher than even Sony's 24MP offering and much higher than Canon's 18MP APS-C models. Actually, the K-5 II (and the original K-5) scores higher overall than any Canon DSLR, including Canon's full-frame offerings! That is quite an accomplishment of Pentax to give us this kind of quality and in a lightweight and compact body to boot!

What we also like about the test is that all K-5 II scores except one is very close if not identical to the original K-5 which illustrates that their tests are repeatable and reliable. In one area, "sports" (low light performance) the K-5 II moves ahead of the classic K-5. The DxOMark test can be found here. The technical specifications can be found in our database.

We can't wait to see their test of the K-5 IIs with its added resolution. We wouldn't be surprised if that model would move further ahead in the overall score.

With the current price level of the K-5 II this camera is indeed a very good deal. The image quality is top notch as evidenced by DxOMark, but also the subjective parameters like handling and "looks" it is up there among the best. Add to that that you can use Pentax glass going back decades so if you're on a budget you can find excellent prime lenses for a song. If you can do without the improved low light performance of the K-5 II you can still find the original K-5 new and at a rock bottom price. Adorama, for example, still has them in stock.

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