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The dealer locator is a particularly welcome update

By PF Staff in Photo Industry News on Dec 15, 2016

Ricoh Imaging Americas has updated their home page and made it easier to navigate. What we find particularly welcome is the link at the top to not only products, but also to the dealer locator and support.

Top of front page

The dealer locator search is based on a US ZIP code:

Dealer searchThe results are displayed on a map. Furthermore the addresses and phone numbers are provided as well as links to the respective home pages.

Manhattan shows four stores. Your mileage may vary.

Product browsing is integrated with the Ricoh Web store, but you can of course just ignore that if you want to buy from elsewhere:

Camera specific accessories are also listed:

The support menu offers access to operation manuals, firmware, etc., and also to a comprehensive camera-specific FAQ.

We conclude with a glimpse of the K-1 FAQ. Click this link to jump to the entire FAQ for the K-1.

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