Anniversary Edition "Picture of the Week"

Celebrating the 400th weekly installment

By PF Staff in Photography on Apr 26, 2016

Dozens of different mini-challenges and photo sharing threads go live on our forum every week.  Today we celebrate a special milestone: the four-hundredth installment of "Picture of the Week" (POTW), a series of photo sharing threads originally started nearly nine years ago by forum member and retired moderator Peter Zack.

POTW is hosted solely by your fellow forum members.  The threads are a great spot to show off your most recent photos, corresponding to the thread's date range. In other words, you can post your shots from this week and last week.  Photos from any camera are accepted— not just Pentax.

If you haven't participated in POTW yet, give it a shot!  You might be chosen to be the next host if you end up enjoying it.

Visit Picture of the Week #400

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