New Lenses in K-mount

From Samyang and Schneider-Kreuznach

By PF Staff in Photokina 2012 on Sep 19, 2012
New Lenses in K-mount

A couple of new lenses in Pentax K-mount were introduced at Photokina 2012 from the two independent lens makers: Samyang and Schneider-Kreuznach. It is encouraging to see the number of available K-mount lenses grow even when it comes to expensive specialty lenses.  The new lenses include a 10mm rectilinear ultra-wide angle prime, and a tilt-shift lens.


We recently repoorted on a Tilt-Shift lens from Sanyang and it was on display. So was a new 10mm F2.8 super wide angle lens, the Sanyang 10 f/2.8 ED AS UMC CS. This lens is designed for the APS-C format and will be available early in 2013.  We confirmed with the Samyang representatives that it will be available for Pentax.

 Samyang 10mm

The earlier-announced 24mm F3.5 Tilt-Shift lens (Samyang T-S 24mm F3.5 ED AS UMC) is also confirmed to be coming out for Pentax:

Samyang TS


Schneider introduced a 28mm F4.5 Tilt-Shift lens called PC-TS Super-Angulon 4.5 / 28 HM Aspheric. The lens has a lateral shift of 12 mm and a tilt angle of 8 degrees. It is physically relatively big but fortunately furnished with a tripod mount. It is available in for Pentax K-mount (besides Canikon) and at this time only shown behind glass. The price will be in the EUR 2,000 to 2,500 range.

 28mm TS

The three other T-S lenses (50mm, 90mm, 120mm) were also on display.  These were announced at the previous Photokina event (in 2010) and they are priced between EUR 2,500 and EUR 3,000 and are like the 28 mm lens full-frame lenses.

TS x3

What's hot about a lens with tilt is its capability to keep a slanted object in focus. This was illustrated with a 90 mm TS lens on a Nikon as seen at the top of the page. Below we show the demo set-up; the image (seen on the tethered monitor) is tack sharp over the entire area with rings.


TS 90 close up

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