The DA 560 mm Lens on a Q10

"My Lens is Bigger Than Yours!"

By PF Staff in Photokina 2012 on Sep 18, 2012
The DA 560 mm Lens on a Q10

The HD Pentax 560mm F5.6 lens, which was initially announced in February, is now ready to hit the stores and was on display and available for touch and feel on press day at Photokina. As several of our members have found out, the Pentax Q camera when mounted with a K-mount telephoto lens becomes a formidable, high magnification optical system and this was what was illustrated here with the new Q10 attached to the 560 mm.


The lens is currently on display in glass cabinet, and we hope to be able to test it tomorrow during our Pentax interview.  Contrary to prior popular belief, the lens itself is not collapsible and does not telescope.  The built-in hood does slide in and out, and is shown extended in the photos above.

The press material included the optical diagram of this lens. It differs from many other telephoto lenses in that it has fewer elements (6) and as a result is physically longer. Pentax maintains that this design ensures excellent image quality, lower weight and easier handling.


Given its high price tag (6999 USD, 5999 GBP), this lens is expected to perform very well.  We will post more about it once we are able to test it!

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