Photokina 2012 is Just Around the Corner

The trade show takes place next week

By PF Staff in Photokina 2012 on Sep 14, 2012
Photokina 2012 is Just Around the Corner

The world's leading imaging fair, Photokina, is held every other year in Cologne, and opens its doors next week.

The fair is open to the public from Tuesday September 18 through Sunday September 23.

The press is allowed in a day early, and that includes your fearless PentaxForums administrators. Hopefully we'll hear some exciting news already that day and we will not hesitate to convey to you what we hear. We hope, of course, that in addition to what has already been announced, Pentax will reveal some more news at the fair, or perhaps tell us something about what the future holds.

We're also planning on reporting other news than just Pentax, in particular related to lenses and cameras that fill a void in the Pentax line-up.

Naturally, we're also planning to meet up with PentaxForums members who attend the event (see this thread for details).

The Pentax booth is in a good location, Hall 2, near the entrance you'd use if you arrive by train or tram, and Pentax is in good company with Nikon, Olympus, and Epson. The exhibitors are as follows where the numbers refer to the picture of the exhibition complex above and the decimal refers to the floor:

Avenso (4.1), Braun (2.1), Bron (9), Canon (3.2), Casio (2.2), CEWE (4.2), Datacolor(4.1), Difox (6), Elinchrome (9), Epson (2.2), Erno (6), FOBA (9), Fuji (4.2), Globell (4.1), Hahnemühle (6), Hama (4.2), HaPa (5.2), Hasselblad (2.1), Hensel (9), Henzo (6), HP (4.1), Ilford (6), Lowepro (5.2), Kodak (4.2), Leica (1), Marumi Optical (5.1), Mascotte (3.1), Meade (3.1), Minox (2.1), Multiblitz (9), Nikon (2.2), Noritsu (6), Olympus (2.2), Panasonic (3.2), Pentax Ricoh (2.2), posterXXL (4.1), Prophoto (9), Reflecta (2.1), Riva (5.1), Rollei (5.2), Saal (4.1), Samsung (5.2), Sigma (4.2), Sony (5.2), Supra (3.1), Swarovski (2.1), Tamron (4.2), Velbon (5.1), Zeiss (2.1).

A few companies have scheduled a press conference at this point, of interest is: Hasselblad, Ilford, Metz, Panasonic, and Tamron. Neither of "the big two" Canon and Nikon has scheduled a press conference and Pentax, Olympus, Samsung, Sigma, etc. also have not done so.

There is a number of award sessions, hereunder the TIPA award and "Photokina Stars".

Read even more about Photokina on the Photokina web site.

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