Photokina Predictions: Pentax Full-Frame Coming?

Member predictions from our forum poll

By PF Rumors in Photokina 2014 on Sep 10, 2014
Photokina Predictions: Pentax Full-Frame Coming?

We won't be seeing a full-frame camera from Pentax this year— at least that's what 409 out of 618 voters thought in a recent poll on the forum.  Despite the fact that this mythical creature manages to command more attention on our community than many actual products, it is quite probable that we still won't be seeing it until "maybe next year".

Photokina— the photo industry's largest trade show— kicks off in just under a week, so we will soon find out what Pentax has in store for enthusiast users.  We will of course be present at the show to report on the news as it unfolds, and our coverage will include a formal interview view Pentax representatives as in the past.  Don't worry— the full frame question has been asked and answered many times already, so more pertinent topics will instead be the focus of our discussion.

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According to our official predictions thread, Pentax will announce new products within the following categories (in order of likelihood):

  • K-mount DSLR lens
  • Entry-level DSLR
  • Q-mount lens

Apart from Pentax's many recent consumer product announcements, we otherwise have little insight into what Photokina may add to Pentax's lineup for more serious photographers.

Below is a summary of Pentax's latest product announcements:

  • Ricoh WG-M1 (Sep. 10)
    Action video camera
  • Pentax K-S1 (Aug. 27)
    20-megapixel consumer DSLR with simplified UI
  • Pentax Q-S1 (Aug. 4)
    Re-styled ultra-compact mirrorless based on the Q7
  • Pentax XG-1 (Jul. 15)
    Superzoom compact (developed by a third party)

The 645 digital system has also seen two big additions:

Since these products have yet to be presented at a major international trade show, we can be reasonably sure that they will receive plenty of attention at Photokina.  We'll learn about the rest soon enough, so stay tuned!

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