Ricoh Offers a Complete and Compelling Camera Lineup

and presents it in a new glossy brochure

By PF Staff in Photokina 2014 on Sep 21, 2014

At Photokina, Ricoh Imaging have out an extremely nice brochure presenting their complete product line (K-mount, 645, Q-mount, outdoor, compact, and Theta). The brochure is printed on high quality, glossy paper and holds a total of 34 pages. We only show a select few of the pages here but hope that you'll be able to lay your hands on a copy of this nice piece of promotional material.  Above all else, this brochure shows how the Pentax and Ricoh camera lineup has matured over the past two years.

A quick disclaimer: our scanner introduced a nasty color cast.  There was no yellowing on the brochure itself!

The first two pages provides six compelling reasons to chose Pentax:

The brochure then moves on to introduce the 645Z and the 645 lens lineup followed by the K-3, K-S1 and K-50.

Then the K-mount lens line up and other accessories for the K-system are presented:

Next up is a presentation of the Q-S1 and Q7, and then the Ricoh GR and the WG-4 and WG-M1 and their accessories.  The Q-S1 page portrays this camera as a stylish accessory in line with the "S" designation:

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