Pentaxian Profile - Giovanni Corona

By jphotography in Pentaxian Profiles on Sep 17, 2017

My name is Giovanni Corona. I was born in Carbonia, Sardinia (Italy) in the last days of 1982 and my passion for photography was born in 2009 with a series of basic old compact digital cameras (Nikon, Olympus, then Panasonic). In the middle of 2013 I switched to a bridge format camera, a Fujifilm Finepix HS30 EXR. This was a camera that introduced me to the more serious side of photography.

In the middle of 2014 I finally defined the kind of photography that I want to focus on: Landscape, in particular low light and macro photography. For this kind of photography I've made my choice of camera brand, namely Pentax. The choice had many reasons, but especially the build quality and the right feature set for this kind of photography stand out.

My first goal is to show and represent my fascinating land, Sardinia, seen from various aspects.  Sardenia is full of urban subjects to be explored, ancient abandoned and forgotten structures (most of all nuraghes or structures from many wars and conflicts). Add to this a very low level of light pollution so Sardenia is a really good place for night photography with these old subjects!

Pentaxian Profile: Peter Maasewerd

What the eye can't see and the brain must guess....

By Pete_XL in Pentaxian Profiles on Jan 23, 2017

As I am an applied natural scientist also addicted to photography, the work with an advanced camera like my Pentax K-3 II offers an extension of the human senses to me. The camera can combine space and time in a way the human combo of two eyes and a brain cannot— just by variation of exposure time and sensitivity. Together with some fantasy, factual knowledge and processing skills, this ability gives the photographer room for the aesthetic visualization of real world issues that the human senses miss. And this is what I’m after!

Far apart – a one kilometer wide view of the Guidecca Island / Venice “wrapped” from a giant el panorama[Img01 Far apart – a one kilometer wide view of the Guidecca Island / Venice “wrapped” from a giant parallel panorama]

My favorite images show scenes that are too far apart, too small, fast, slow, dark or too far away to be caught by the eye and/or processed by the brain. I also use the daylight but my preferred playground is the night and the absence of bright light.

Small - landscape caught in a spider's net[Img02 Small – landscape caught in a spider’s net]

Pentaxian Profile: Michele Cati

Night photography with the 645Z

By PF Staff in Pentaxian Profiles on Aug 6, 2016

Michele Cati (Teknuccio) was born in 1982 in Bologna, Italy. He began his photographic activity back in 1997, pointing his Fujica AX-3 first at the Hale-Bopp comet and later at the total solar eclipse in 1999.

In the digital era Michele switched to the Pentax brand with a K-5, a camera which was able to satisfy the requirements of Michele’s favorite shoots. He works with natural light, mostly in low light conditions and at night pointing the lens at the billions lights dotting the night. He tries to keep the postproduction as low as possible to maintain a genuine atmosphere in the images. Michele loves travelling in dark skies locations, such as Ireland or Iceland, as well as exploring his own territory, the Italian Apennines. Michele is Pentax brand Ambassador in Italy from 2014 and is now working on a project of time lapse photography using different Pentax cameras. In this article Michele presents some of his work with the Pentax 645Z.

Pentaxian Profile: Franc Demšar

By Franc III. in Pentaxian Profiles on Apr 28, 2016

My name is Franc Demšar, and I am just capturing the light in time.  I started my photographic journey in the second half of the previous century in a darkroom with the smell of developer and fixer. Now I am chasing the light with digital equipment, but still with the same intentions. The tools have changed, but the magic of photography hasn't!

I live and work in the "heart of Europe", in sLOVEnia (LOVE supposedly always come from the heart). I work in advertising and business photography.  Plenty of examples of my work are spread throughout this article.  Click on any thumbnail to enlarge.

My message to you is inspired (or perhaps provoked) by a recent professional equipment debate.
Some photographers really are brand addicts and to them I say "show me your work, not your camera!".  To everyone else, I say "don't let anybody limit you as an artist!".

Pentaxian Profile: Juan Roldán

Wedding photographer from Colombia

By PF Staff in Pentaxian Profiles on Feb 11, 2016

I am a graphic designer by trade, but I've also been a professional photographer for about ten years now.  When I previously worked with one of the two "big brands", I was in a bunch of different fields like food, jewelry, architecture, and models.  Things changed when I got married and learned the real meaning and beauty of that special day. And so I had a revelation and decided to start shooting weddings seriously.

Weddings are really hard to shoot.  They demand my full effort and push my gear to its limits. When the ceremony is about to begin, there is this electricity in the air and nerves and anxiety everywhere. A lot of eyes are attending to what’s going on; that’s when I need to be ready, watching everything, with hands on my camera and eyes on the couple. When I hear the shutter release I know that my Pentax gear is entrusting me to do this mission.

I do weddings because I believe in love, and I admire the courage between two people who join and start a new family.  They give me hope about this world which sometimes gets so crazy and cold. There are smiles everywhere, tears sliding down cheeks, hugs, families reunited, little ones, and grandparents. Some are happy, some are sad; that's life, and I feel glad and humbled to be there.

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