Nathan Moro - Sixth Sense Photography

Experienced amateur, new professional

By PF Staff in Pentaxian Profiles on Apr 4, 2011
Nathan Moro - Sixth Sense Photography

Welcome to our second Pentaxian profile!  We hope you enjoy reading about Nathan Moro, an enthusiastic new Pentax professional photographer. Alongside the text, we've included some sample photos for your enjoyment!

Going pro. Well not 'going pro', I went pro!

Everything is happening much faster than anticipated, Three weeks ago we did our first wedding. Two weeks ago I registered a business, A week later the 2nd wedding, it's with this wedding that begins my first interesting anecdote and the subject of this post...

A call comes in at 16:55 I'm mid way through cooking a pancake (yes of all things):

“Hello can you do a job tomorrow?”

I think its a wrong number at first. “Uhhh, what kind of job?”

Oh! A Wedding at 5pm in Kings Park”

Right yes of course! Tomorrow tomorrow? Like 24 hrs from now, tomorrow?”


ummmm errrrr can I? “yes that would be not a problem at all!”

Nothing fancy, just a small party Me, my bride and about 10 guests, under the gazebo”

Thinking back to some article I read about preparation ”How many in the bridal party?”

No one except the bride and groom”

*sigh of relief* “Well that should be no problem, makes it easier and more personal”.

So I'll see you tomorrow at 5pm at Kings Park”

Yes great thanks!”

There was also a short discussion about money we don’t need to go into for this story.

So I run around like mad and throw the batteries on charge, call my business partner and tell him to do the same because we have a shoot in 23.5 hrs. He's mostly stunned like me, took a little convincing that I wasn’t pulling his leg etc but calls his day job and gets the next day off early. I pick him up from his day job at 4pm the next day and head up to check out the site half an hour early.

We arrive and scope out some areas that look nice for shooting after the wedding and decide to head over to the gazebo where we find, 20 mins before the wedding is to start, no one present except ourselves... Slightly worrying, so I immediately make the call.

Hi client where are you? We are here at the Gazebo at Kings Park and no one is here yet”

Kings Park? I said Queens Park, next to the cricket grounds”

Oh right, no worries be there soon” *dont panic!*

Yes you should be able to make it in 20 mins its just on the other side of the city”

Starting to run back to the car “okay on my way”

Once we are in the car my 2nd shooter google maps up a location for us... we determine that the groom meant to say “Queens Gardens” since that is next to the Cricket, and proceed to wedge ourselves into peak hour traffic and the roadworks going on in Perth. “Luckily” we arrive at 4:59pm and the bride is predictably late allowing us to scope out the real location for 5 mins before she arrives.

All in all the shoot goes well, the shots around the park turned out exceptionally well and the couple is very happy with the results. Plus we learnt a valuable lesson triple check the address with a street address too!

We are so new to the business that our (beta) website literally went live yesterday, business cards arrived 3 days ago, and the printed portfolio should be here in a week or so. I hope you like what you see!

If in need of a photographer in Perth, Australia, the contact number is on there. Stay tuned for my up coming blog post where I'll be shooting a wedding with the 645d and K-5 at the same time and put them in a head to head shootout.

Nathan Moro
Sixth Sense Photography

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