Brian Edworthy: Pentaxian Profile

An equine photographer

By PF Staff in Pentaxian Profiles on Jan 13, 2013
Brian Edworthy: Pentaxian Profile

Like most journeys, mine began with a single step.

As a normal 9 to 5'er with little extra cash to throw around, I had mostly resigned myself to snapping away with a point and shoot, telling myself that one day when I am big, I would get a DSLR.

Well my 43rd birthday rolled around in November 2009, and I decided I was big enough.
After a lot of internet research I became the proud owner of a Pentax K-7.

At that point it was still very a fun hobby, and as my daughters rode horses, there was a natural attraction to these great clumsy animals brought on by being around them so much. It's fair to say that without my girls riding, I may never have begun to take my photography seriously.

When my daughters finally got to do their first show at the local equestrian club, I was surprised to see that there was no official photographer. To me it seemed a perfect opportunity to start a little sideline business.

And thus the idea of offering equine photography services was born.

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Shortly after that event, Wolfworx Photography was officially launched, and it has been an interesting journey ever since. By no means an easy one, it has taken the best part of 2 years to really get people on board with my ideas, and get them to buy my photos in addition to their own happy snaps.

It has also grown into a multifaceted business now. I have always loved the horse & rider bond which is quite magical. I try and capture some of that in personal horse and rider photo shoots. But one thing always leeds to another and my love of feminine grace and beauty soon found me doing more woman centric shoots.

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Currently I have the K-7 and a K-5, the K-5 has been a sad tale, nearly a year old and it has had it's second mirrorbox failure, which is rather sad as I love that camera.

Lens lineup is a great mix of old and new. 85 & 135mm M42's, 28 & 50mm M primes, and then 70-200mm & 50-500mm Sigmas.

Many people ask "Why WolfWorx?"
There are three main reasons:

  1. I did not want to be another "Joe Soap Photography", it is very common here for people to use their names, and I don't like it
  2. I wanted something short, catchy and easy to remember and
  3. I like wolves

If you are interested in what I do, feel free to find me  on
Digital Revolution:

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