Pentaxian Profile: Franc Demšar

By Franc III. in Pentaxian Profiles on Apr 28, 2016
Pentaxian Profile: Franc Demšar

My name is Franc Demšar, and I am just capturing the light in time.  I started my photographic journey in the second half of the previous century in a darkroom with the smell of developer and fixer. Now I am chasing the light with digital equipment, but still with the same intentions. The tools have changed, but the magic of photography hasn't!

I live and work in the "heart of Europe", in sLOVEnia (LOVE supposedly always come from the heart). I work in advertising and business photography.  Plenty of examples of my work are spread throughout this article.  Click on any thumbnail to enlarge.

My message to you is inspired (or perhaps provoked) by a recent professional equipment debate.
Some photographers really are brand addicts and to them I say "show me your work, not your camera!".  To everyone else, I say "don't let anybody limit you as an artist!".

During the first few years of our lives we achieve two of the most important things in life: without any experience or prior knowledge, we learn how to walk and how to speak.  Early on we discover that testing our limits and staying the course are both ways to success.

Later in our lives, we do a lot of different things, and photography may be one of them. And it is up to us whether we want to be "a picture snapper" or a photographer. There is an important difference.

The photographer is a creative person who makes choices that result in artwork.  In every photographer there is an artist!  At first, you might feel a little insecure, but trial-and-error and perseverance can transform someone from a novice to a master.

Learn from others, but walk your own footsteps.  Listen to the critics, but follow your own intuition. If you work hard, your pictures will get better and better. And remember, as an artist you are much more important than any of the tools that you use to make your pictures!

Have you ever read a review that claims "This is not a professional camera. It's just for advanced amateurs."? A concerned photographer might then say: "Ooops! That is really embarrassing.
I have already shot and sold pictures for several magazines and done a bunch of advertising jobs with this 'amateur camera'.  If it's just an amateur camera, must I return all my fees to my clients?"

Having 50 megapixels doesn't improve bad composition, and even the latest fancy features can't make creative decisions. A camera is a tool for a photographer, just like a hammer and a carving chisel are tools for a carpenter.  With the same set of tools, a master makes a sweet-sounding violin and a less experienced craftsman only makes firewood...

The same principle applies in photography.  Hard work outperforms "brand popularity charts" every time.  Tools do not make perfect pictures, artists do.  So stand up and don't let anybody limit you as an artist by telling you what gear to use!

I never used to discuss my equipment much, but I have a passion for photography and I work hard to achieve my artistic vision.  And I carefully chose a set of tools that suits me. I use Pentax, and what a great set of tools it is.

—Franc Demšar (Franc III. on the forum)

Instagram: @Franc_third
Twitter: @francdemsar

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