Pentax K-5 available at BH Photo!

Large shipment of K-5's just arrived and is readily available!

By PF Staff in Product Updates on Oct 29, 2010
Pentax K-5 available at BH Photo!

Yesterday, we saw the announcement of the arrival of the K-r and B&H, and now, we're hapy to say that it looks like the K-5's are in as well!  B&H photo just received a shipment of 50 K-5's, and they are now readily available for purchase on their website.

Note that if you purchase your K-5 through the page below, you will qualify for Site Supporter status at  Please contact us should you do so!

Check out the K-5 at B&H Photo!

To read more about the K-5 and browse user reviews, please visit our Pentax K-5 Review page.

The K-5 is currently priced at $1599.  We believe we will see retroactive $200 mail-in rebates become available in November (PentaxForums assume no liability should the rebates turn out to be not retroactive). 

We hope this fantastic camera lives up to your expectations and all the hype surrounding it!

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