Limited Edition Ricoh GR Now Shipping

In stock at B&H Photo

By PF Staff in Product Updates on Dec 11, 2013

The Limited Edition Ricoh GR, which features a special finish as well as a lineup of unique custom-tailored accessories, has just arrived in the US and is ready to ship!  The Limited Edition is availble for $899, a $100 premium over the standard version.

Special Accessories: Hood, leather case, and leather strap

The Ricoh GR is arguably of the most-praised compact cameras ever produced by Pentax/Ricoh.  To learn more about this truly-pocketable APS-C compact, check our our in-depth Ricoh GR review.  With its 16-megapixel filterless sensor, 18mm F2.8 lens, and small size, we find the GR to be a fantastic camera for street photography!

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