Pentax 645Z Now Shipping in the US

First orders shipped by B&H Photo

By PF Staff in Product Updates on Jul 2, 2014

The first shipment of 50 Pentax 645Z bodies arrived at B&H Photo this morning and has shipped out to customers who had placed pre-orders.  While there is no ETA for the next shipment yet, if you're serious about getting Pentax's latest medium format body, we recommend placing a pre-order so that you can be next in line.

According to a recent conversaion we had with Pentax representatives in Tokyo, due to high demand the 645Z will be mostly sold-out (worldwide) through pre-orders until September. We will post updates about the availability (i.e. the next B&H shipment) of the 645Z as we learn more. 

We expect to have a production sample of the 645Z for review as early as tomorrow morning.

Click here to be next in line for a Pentax 645Z at B&H

The 645Z is also available for pre-order at Adorama.

The 645Z is the latest medium-format DSLR offering from Pentax.  It features a 51-megapixel sensor measuring 44x33mm that promises to deliver unrivaled image quality in its class.  The Pentax 645Z body is priced at just $8499, well below competing medium-format cameras and within the same price range as complete full-frame systems.

Stay tuned for our in-depth review of the Pentax 645Z!


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