Pentax-DA 645 28-45mm Lens Now Shipping

In stock in the US

By PF Staff in Product Updates on Sep 4, 2014
Pentax-DA 645 28-45mm Lens Now Shipping

The HD Pentax-DA645 28-45mm F4.5 ED AW SR lens has just hit the shelves in the US and is now listed as "in stock" at B&H Photo.

This zoom is the second-widest offering available for the 645D system; its field of view corresponds rougly to that of a 22-36mm lens on 35mm film.  It features in-lens stabilization as well as the usual refinements associated with modern 645 lenses, such as weather sealing and Aero Bright nano coating.

Full specifications can be found in our lens database.  If you're in the market for this lens, you can order it now for $4999.95.

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