Pentax K-30 Now Shipping!

Black body and blue kit available at B&H Photo and Amazon

By PF Staff in Product Updates on Jul 5, 2012

The Pentax K-30 is finally here!  The black body ($849) and blue kit ($899) have just arrived at B&H Photo in New York City.  In addition, the black 18-135mm kit ($1199), black body, and blue kit are available from Amazon.  If you place an order at B&H today, it will ship tomorrow and you'll have your camera on Saturday.  If you order from Amazon, you may be able to get your K-30 as early as tomorrow! We hope to hear your thoughts about the K-30 on the forum!

As soon as our Pentax K-30 arrives, we will start working on an in-depth review for you, and the review will be similar in scope to our recent K-01 review.  In particular, we plan on taking a look at the K-30's autofocus system and continuous shooting, as image quality is expected to be identical to that of the K-01.

To learn more about the K-30, visit our camera database or K-30 preview.

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