Pentax Q 06 Telephoto Zoom Lens Now Shipping

15-45mm - $299

By PF Staff in Product Updates on Nov 26, 2012

The SMC Pentax-Q 15-45mm F2.8 Telephoto Zoom 06 lens has just hit the shelves in the US.  This lens is the most recent addition to the Pentax Q lineup, adding much-needed telephoto versatility to the Pentax Q system.  The lens was announced earlier this year at Photokina.  To learn more about this lens, visit its lens database entry.

This lens is compatible with the Pentax Q and Pentax Q10 cameras (see our in-depth Q review).

Pentax Q10 System

You can now order the Pentax Q 06 15-45mm lens at B&H photo for $299.

The 15-45mm Q lens is equivalent to a 83-250mm lens on film, meaning that it has quite a bit of reach!

For those unfamiliar with the Pentax Q camera, you must understand how small the camera is to truly appreciate it: it is the world's smallest interchangeable-lens camera, likely smaller than the palm of your hand!  It features RAW shooting, full PASM manual controls, and compatibility (via an adapter) with DSLR lenses.  At its heart is a backlit 1/2.3"-inch CMOS sensor: nothing fancy, but it still has a great deal of resolving power with DSLR lenses!

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