Pentax Q Viewfinder & 2-Lens Kit Available

By PF Staff in Product Updates on Sep 15, 2011
Pentax Q Viewfinder & 2-Lens Kit Available

Today, the O-VF1 47mm, an optical viewfinder for the Pentax Q, has started shipping.  This viewfinder attaches to the Q's hotshoe as a supplement to using the LCD to compose image. It is currently priced at the MSRP of $249.  

Also, while not yet available, a two-lens kit for the Q has been announced, consisting of the 01 standard prime lens and the 02 standard zoom lens (both the lenses in Pentax's "performance" lens lineup). This kit will stard shipping once the standard zoom lens starts shipping.  Currently, only the regular Pentax Q kit is available.

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