D FA 21mm F2.4 Limited Lens In-depth Review Posted

By bdery in Review Announcements on Dec 28, 2021

Today we are extremely happy to present our review of the HD Pentax-D FA 21mm F2.4 Limited lens.

The Pentax FA Limited lenses have been around for over two decades. In early 2021, Pentax updated these lenses with newer "HD" coatings, and in November it launched this D FA 21mm—an entrely new addition to this family of lenses.

The HD D FA 21mm, FA 31mm, FA 43mm, and FA 77mm Limiteds in silver (Photo credit: LennyBloke)

Conforming to the design philosophy of the original lenses, the 21mm includes several modern elements such as weather sealing and DC autofocus.

Is the HD Pentax D-FA 21mm Limited new lens a worthy addition to the full-frame Limited lens family? Read our review to find out!

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