Review: The Integer Backpack from Mission Workshop

By bdery in Review Announcements on Dec 14, 2020

Founded in 2009, Mission Workshop is a company specializing in bags, apparel, and accessories catering in particular to technical lifestyle cycling. In other words, while their products can please a wide variety of customers, special thought is given to how their equipment will operate when worn during biking or other dynamic activities.

Rather than trying to design with a one-size-fits-all philosophy, the company developed a proprietary modular system, called Arkiv. Most of their bags can accept various modules to fully customize the bags’ operation.

One such bag, the Integer, is of particular interest. It is currently the only dedicated camera bag from Mission Workshop. With a rugged exterior, strong modularity, a 24 liter internal volume, and quick access to photo equipment, this bag is an interesting product worthy of further examination.

How does the Integer function as a backpack and as a camera bag? Read our review to find out!

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