Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review

A high-quality, high-capacity backpack

By Ishpuini in Review Announcements on Jan 25, 2017

Ever since launching their Capture Camera Clip on Kickstarter back in 2011, Peak Design has been using the platform to launch new and interesting products ranging from camera straps, lens clips to camera bags. The second half of 2016 saw four new camera bags being launched: two Everyday Backpacks (20L and 30L), the Everyday Tote and the Everyday Sling. We received a pre-production copy of the Everyday Backpack 20L and have been using it both as a camera bag and as a everyday commuter bag. It is a very elegant & beautiful looking backpack, but there's more to it than that. As you will find from our review, the number of little details that Peak Design included is impressive, which results in a very flexible and practical bag with a wide application range.

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