Pentax 18-270mm Lens Review

An in-depth evaluation of Pentax's new super-zoom lens

By PF Staff in Review Announcements on Jan 14, 2013

In our first review of 2013 we take a look at the new Pentax 18-270mm F3.5-6.3 ED SDM super-zoom lens, which finally hit the shelves in late December.  This all-in-one lens fills an important gap in the Pentax lens lineup, as the previous super zoom (the DA 18-250mm) has been discontinued for almost two years now.

This 18-270mm lens, like the 18-250mm before it, is made by Tamron, and is also sold under the Tamron brand for Canon and Nikon cameras.  As such, it has already received quite a large number of reviews on other sites, but we decided to perform a comprehensive evaluation of it anyway to see if it will be worthwhile for Pentax users.  Compared to its predecesor, this lens delivers improved optics, silent AF (a very welcome addition), nicer bokeh, and a little bit of extra reach.  Read the full review to see just how well it fares!  All we'll say here is that we were able to capture some fairly impressive landscape photos with it!

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