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By bdery in Review Announcements on Apr 16, 2018

The three FA Limited lenses from Pentax have a reputation bordering on cult status. With good reason: these small primes, superbly assembled and delivering excellent optical performances, are a rarity in the modern market.

With the release of the K-1 full frame camera, it is time to revisit our reviews of these legendary lenses and see how they perform with a high-resolution large sensor.

After reviewing the widely popular FA 31mm F1.8 and 77mm F1.8, we now look at the smallest and lightest of the FA Limited, the 43mm F1.9. Like its siblings, the 43mm is made entirely of metal, offers a fast aperture in a small, elegant body. Not quite as renowned as the FA 31mm and 77mm, the 43mm is still among the most popular lenses in our database.

The FA 43mm was the first Limited ever created, 20 years ago this year. How does it compare with more recent lenses? Read our review to find out!

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