Pentax K-50 Review Posted!

An in-depth review of Pentax's new weather-sealed DSLR

By PF Staff in Review Announcements on Aug 5, 2013

Today we are happy to be bringing you our in-depth review of the Pentax K-50, the latest weather-sealed DSLR from Pentax.  Targeted at the upper entry-level market, the K-50 has a host of innovative and unique features (within its class), such as a 100%-coverage viewfinder, and it uses the same tried-and-tested sensor that was found in the Pentax K-30.

Even though the K-50 lags behind the competition in areas such as video recording and autofocus speed, it holds its ground very well when it comes to image quality and features.  Furthermore, we find the K-50 to be an exceptional value, if not the best value that we've seen to date in a Pentax DSLR.  This is because it was launched at a price of just $779 with a weather-sealed kit lens, which is $170 cheaper than what a comparable K-30 kit cost a year ago.  It is also $20 cheaper than its closest current competitior, the Nikon D5200.  The K-50 body-only kit is available for just $699.  All K-50 kits are currently in stock at major retailers in the US.

Apart from its lower price and cheaper kit lens options, however, the K-50 is hardly any different from the previous-generation K-30.  Even though it's an excellent camera, might you be better off by opting for a K-30?  Read the full review to find out, and to see exactly what's new in the K-50.

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