Review of the new AF360FGZ II Flash

A versatile, weather sealed flash unit

By PF Staff in Review Announcements on Dec 28, 2013

We are pleased to announce our in-depth review of the new flash unit from Pentax, the AF360 FGZ II. Since the next model up, the Pentax AF540 FGZ II is of the same physical construction and operates in the exact same way as the AF360 FGZ II our findings (except for range) are also be valid for the larger model.

With this new flash unit Pentax has corrected a couple of the issues or limitations of the previous model, the AF360 FGZ: Gone is the flimsy battery door of the predecessor, and the flash head now not only tilts, but also swivels.

Pentax added some new features, hereunder weather sealing, multi-flash and movie light, but the new unit also lost some capabilities in the shuffle. Read our review for the details and for our evaluation of the performance of this new flash.

Read on here for the review.

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