Think Tank, Peak Design, Mindshift Gear, and Lowepro Bags

Tests of bags from Think Tank, Peak Design, Mindshift Gear, and Lowepro

By PF Staff in Review Announcements on Dec 10, 2017

Continuing our series of camera bag reviews, today we present our tests of a number of bags from Think Tank, Peak Design, Mindshift Gear, and Lowepro.

Signature 13 by Think Tank

Think Tank is well-known in the photography world. Its Retrospective bags are used by many and well liked. Recently, the company decided to tackle the high-end messenger bag market by releasing the Signature 10 and 13 bags.

Made of modern materials but with a vintage look, these bags have many qualities to capture the interest of photographers. Think Tank's reputation is well-earned. Are these bags worthy of it?

Read our review to find out!

Think Tank Shape Shifter 17 v2 and Perception Pro Backpacks

In the crowded camera backpacks market, it can be hard for a company to differientiate itself from its competitors. 

The best way to do so is with constant innovation and by improving current products regularly.

The people at Think Tank understand this. After creating a novel way to store photo equipment in a backpack by using a system of pouches, they applied this concept to several bags in their lineup.

Here we take a look at two such bags, the Shape Shifter 17 v2 and the Perception Pro. These two bags illustrate how a similar concept can be used to obtain different end results.

The Shape Shifter is a modular bag indented for professionals and amateurs. The Perception Pro offers a more urban design and is well adapted to more compact equipment.

See how they compare by reading our in-depth comparative review!

Peak Design Everyday Messenger

The Everyday Messenger is probably one of the most often-discussed bag released in the last few years. The bag generated a record-breaking campaign on Kickstarter and has gathered a strong following. While remaining a true messenger bag at its roots, it includes several innovations and novel ideas.

The Everyday Messenger comes in two sizes and three colors. Is the bag worthy of its reputation?

Read the full review to find out!

Mindshift Gear Rotation180° Horizon Backpack

Given Pentax's emphasis on weather resistance and ruggedness, it is not surprising to see hiking backpacks frequently discussed in our Accessories forum. Recent proposals from various manufacturers show how the traditional backpack has evolved to better serves hikers and adventurers.

In this regard, the rotation180° line from Mindshift Gear is truly unique. These bags allow the user to swivel the camera compartment to the front while still wearing the bag. Coming in various sizes and capacities, they aim to offer a truly different take on the regular camera backpack.

We take a look at the second-largest bag in the rotation180° lineup, the Horizon. At 34 liters, the Horizon is a large daypack. Offering a large number of features and a few innovative elements, this bag is a compelling product, on paper at least. How does it perform on a trail?

Read the full review to find out!

Lowepro Photo Sport BP 200 AW II

Here is another hiking backpack, the Photo Sport BP 200 AW II from Lowepro.

One of the best-kown manufacturers of camera bags of all types, Lowepro is not a company that rests on its laurels. Lowepro participates actively in the recent renewal of developments concerning hiking camera bags.

Now in its second generation, the Photo Sport line offers several bags which complement each other. The Photo Sport BP, available in 20 and 30 liters formats, offers a classical backpack frame on which a few innovative ideas have been grafted.

Today we put the smaller version to the test. At 20 liters, the BP 200 AW II is ideally sized for photographers who prefer traveling light. Does the Photo Sport live up to our expectations?

Read the full review to find out!

Peak Design Slide Strap and Capture Clip System

Now onto something other than bags: Most DSLRs come with a basic camera strap. For some, this is enough. For others, the search for the perfect camera strap is a neverending journey.

Many companies tackle this challenge and propose straps with varying designs and features. Some go beyond the strap and try to conceive a system for carrying cameras and accessories.

The Slide Strap and Capture Clip from Peak Design is one such system. This manufacturer is generally well regarded by the community, as can be assessed in our Accessories forum.

How does this system work? What are its main perks, where does it fall short?

Read our review to find out!

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