Topaz Adjust Review

First addition to our new Software Reviews section

By PF Staff in Review Announcements on Nov 21, 2011

Today we are happy to be launching a new addition to our in-depth review section: post-processing software reviews!  The new section is accessible directly via our navbar and is also linked to from the in-depth review index on the homepage.

Photo editing software is arguably just as important as the camera and the lens in creating a good photograph, and it can have a huge impact on your final product.  In the absence of new announcements from Pentax this year, we'd like to focus on reviews of software that we've found helpful, and think you will too!

Our first review takes an in-depth look at a member of the Topaz family of photoshop plug-ins: Topaz Adjust, which is an image enhancement and exposure adjustment plugin-in.

Topaz Adjust Review

8.2/10 - Very Good

Read the topaz Adjust review!

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