Sigma 8-16mm vs Rokinon 10mm, Pentax 10-17mm, Rokinon 8mm

In-depth lens comparison between four ultra wide lenses

By Heie in Review Announcements on Jun 23, 2016

Today we are proud to announce our latest in-depth review! Not just one or two lenses (or three), but a veritable four-way battle between the widest lenses you can buy for the Pentax K-mount.These are the Pentax 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 Fisheye, the Rokinon 8mm F3.5 Fisheye, the Sigma 8-16mm F4.5-5.6, and the Rokinon 10mm F2.8.

A longstanding argument we felt the need to finally put to rest, we wanted to see which ultra wide was truly the best option available. With both fisheye and rectilinear lenses, every angle was considered.

But not sure what the difference is between the two types? Don't worry, because this tome of comparisons is also packed with plenty of explanations and sample photos to explain what those differences are and, most importantly, what they mean to you so you can narrow in on which truly is the best lens to enhance your kit.

At 21 pages, over 11 Gigabytes of RAW files to download and process to your heart's content, and forty carefully selected images from Pentax Forums' very own members, we can't be more excited to share with you one of our most comprehensive reviews to date!

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