Happy New Year 2018

By PF Staff in Site News on Jan 1, 2018

We'd like to wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2018!  We're looking forward to bringing you lots of exciting content and site features in the new year.

If you'd like to leave your own season's greetings, stop by forum!

Merry Christmas 2017

By PF Staff in Site News on Dec 24, 2017

As 2017 slowly comes to an end, we'd like to wish all of our members Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!

While 2017 was a very slow year in terms of Pentax announcements, the forum has been busy as ever, with plenty of new features, content, and user contributions. We have lots to look forward to next year, such as the upcoming star lenses and perhaps successors to the 645Z, K-3 II, GR cameras.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our December photo contest, which ends in one week.

Finally, as we recently reached the 4 million post milestone, be sure to keep track of your best photos of the year, as we will soon be launching a giveaway/photo contest to celebrate.

In Memory of Rupert

Beloved forum member and friend of 11 years

By PF Staff in Site News on Dec 22, 2017

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Rupert, a beloved forum member and dear friend to many of us here at Pentax Forums.

Rupert joined Pentax Forums just one day after the community was founded, over 11 years ago on December 8th, 2006, and continued being an active member up until this very month.  During this time, he made over 25,000 posts and became well-known for his passion of capturing photos of squirrels.

His memorial service will be held on the evening of Friday, December 22nd. We have already sent flowers (pictured above) on behalf of the entire community.  In addition, the family suggests a donation to Cancer Care Services.

Condolences can be left on the forum or on the memorial site for the family to view.  In addition, we invite everyone to take a moment to browse Rupert's photo gallery and albums, which showcase some of his favorite photos. You can also view Rupert's last forum post, in which he remained in very good spirits.

"Otis" - Captured with the Pentax K-5 IIs by Rupert in 2016

Today is without question a very emotional day, and our sincere condolences go out to all of Rupert's close friends and family.  His spirit will forever be remembered on the community.

Ricoh Theta 360° Forum Now Open

Discuss all things related to 360-degree image capture

By PF Staff in Site News on Oct 15, 2017

360-degree and VR imaging technologies are growing rapidly, with the Ricoh Theta being one of the very first consumer offerings in this segment, as well as one of the most successful.  Since the original Theta made its debut in 2013, we've seen four other Theta models, most notably last year's Theta SC, (which costs just $199 and doubles the resolution of the original model) and the new Theta V (which can capture and stream 4K video).  In many ways, the Theta line has redefined the way we approach photography.  An example follows:

360-degree view of the Pentax booth taken with the Theta S (click to pan and zoom)

While Theta cameras can be linked with a smartphone for remote image capture and transfer, what makes Thetas unique is the ergonomic form factor which enables hand-held shooting without necessitating marriage to a smartphone or a tripod.   This versatility makes Thetas perfect for travel, interior photography, events, and more!

As the Theta line will inevitably continue to grow, we've just opened and brand new forum section dedicated to all things Theta!  Visit it by following the link below.

New Ricoh Theta 360° Camera Forum

Learn more about recent Theta models:

Pentax eBooks Now Available on Pentax Forums

Immediate download access via the forum

By PF Staff in Site News on Jun 21, 2016

Yvon Bourque has been writing Pentax eBooks since the days of the K10D nearly a decade ago.  Today, we're happy to announce that his latest eBooks are available for purchase and immediate download via the forum, along with a discount for our users!

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced photographer, Yvon's eBooks can help you fully master your camera. They are an excellent supplement to resources such as the forum, reviews, and official manuals.

The new Pentax K-1 eBook— released just days ago and the most comprehensive Pentax eBook to date— is now available for $18.99.  Other books cost $13.99.  These prices apply exclusively to eBooks purchased through the forum (see below).

eBook Samples

All downloads are in the PDF format.  Grab a sample below:

If you decide to purchase an eBook, follow the link below.  You will receive download access through your forum account immediately following payment.  We accept credit cards (processed securely by 2Checkout) as well as PayPal.

Purchase & Download Pentax eBooks Here

Yvon also offers eBooks for older models, including the K10D, K20D, K100D, K-x/K-r, and K-7.  Those are available via his web site.

Pentax K-1 eBook Cover

Finally, we've set up a special forum for the Pentax eBooks should you have any questions or suggestions for the author.  Yvon will be available to elaborate on the advice found in his eBooks as well as answer any other queries that you might have.

The majority of each purchase helps support Yvon, a now-retired Pentax enthusiast who has been shooting with Pentax since the early film era.  The remainder helps support the forum, and if you purchase two or more eBooks, you will be entitled to a Site Supporter account upgrade with increased photo space and access to our Marketplace.

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