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Latest reviews shown in lens/accessory databases

By PF Staff in Site News on Mar 16, 2011
Latest Pentax Reviews

Our philosophy is to make the content you're looking for as easy to find as possible.  Over the past several weeks, we've been making under-the-hood changes to improve the relevance of our forum search engine, improve searching in our equipment databases, and increase the relevance of tags and the "similar threads" area shown beneath every forum discussion.  In addition, we've spent a great deal of time ironing out some technical quirks, and have thus improved the performance of many parts of the website.  Finally, you might have also noticed changes on the homepage- for example, the in-depth review index how features lens thumbnails for easier browsing!

Today, true to this philosophy, we're unveiling a feature you can't miss: a "latest reviews" column for our three user review databases (Pentax lenses, Third-party lenses, and Accessories). This column, found on the right-hand side of the database homepages, will shown the 10 latest reviews that have been added.  Combined with the listing of most popular equipment at the bottom of every page, this feature will give you a quick snapshot of what's out there without having to sift through categories.  We hope you enjoy!

Our Pentax lens database is the Internet's most comprehensive listing of genuine Pentax lenses, complete with an entry for every known lens, as well as user reviews, technical specifications and photos for most of these lenses.  We're working hard to improve this already-invaluable resource, and appreciate any and all suggestions from you, the user.  They may be posted on the forum.

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