M42 Screwmount Camera Database Coming!

Spotmatic & other screwmount cameras soon to be in our lens review database

By PF Staff in Site News on Aug 29, 2010
M42 Screwmount Camera Database Coming!

Thanks to efforts by forum member smc and administrator Ole, we've started work on a database of all Pentax m42 screwmount bodies, including the Pentax Spotmatic, ES, Tower, and others!  We hope to have it ready by the end of November, but we need your help! If you own any screwmount bodies that might still be missing photos or technical data, please check out the Pentax Screwmount Database forum thread!

Current work on the M42 Camera Database can be viewed in our Pentax M42 Camera Repository. Once complete, the information will be fully integrated with the remainder of the site.

Today, we already feature a Pentax camera/review database, containing every Pentax digital, film, and medium-format SLR ever produced.




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