New Camera Review System

User review section upgraded!

By PF Staff in Site News on May 6, 2011
New Camera Review System

As you may know, in addition to our in-depth DSLR reviews, we also feature a comprehensive database of Pentax cameras- including DSLRs, film SLRs, medium format, and older screwmount cameras. The database also allows you- the user- to post your own thoughts about each camera.

Today, we're happy to announce that our camera database got a big upgrade!  It's been integrated into the same framework as our lens and accessory databases, meaning that you'll now be able to see what's new, conduct searches, and browse cameras more easily. Best of all, all 425 of our old reviews have been migrated over to the new system!

We're also happy to announce that this database will soon also contain a limited number of compact camera entries- something entirely new to our site! Enjoy!

Check out the new Pentax Camera Database

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