Pentax 645D vs Nikon D3x

Hands-on comparison of two flagships

By PF Staff in Site News on Jul 10, 2011
Pentax 645D vs Nikon D3x

Late last year, Pentax finally entered the professional photography market with the launch of the 645D.  This long-anticipated medium-format DSLR was designed with image quality in mind: it boasts a large 40-megapixel sensor and supports Pentax's entire legacy medium-format lens lineup, which has quite a reputation.  Best of all, the 645D is affordably-priced, meaning that it can be a feasible alternative for certain professionals currently using smaller-format cameras.  In 2011, it was named "Best Professional DSLR of 2011" by TIPA.

Soon, we will be bringing you something very special: a hands-on comparison of the Pentax 645D and the Nikon D3x, which is among the top 24x36mm (full-frame) DSLRs currently available.  While the two cameras are certainly different in many respects, there is a handful of applications in which either might work; namely, landscape and studio photography.  Photographers specializing in this type of work might find it worthwhile to spend a little bit more to move to a medium-format system- and we'll show you why!  We'll also give you a tour of the 645D, and see what's hot-- and what could be improved.  Stay tuned to our homepage for the in-depth review, which will be posted in the coming weeks!

In the mean time, if there is any specific test you would like us to conduct using one or both of these cameras, we are open to requests in this thread!

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