Pentax Auto 110 Lens Database

Auto 110 lenses and teleconverters added to our lens database

By PF Staff in Site News on Sep 7, 2010
Pentax Auto 110 Lens Database

In our effort to maintain the most comprehensive and detailed genuine Pentax Lens Database on the Internet, we've recently made our database complete by adding Pentax Auto 110 primes, zooms, and teleconverters.

Here are links to each of the sub-sections:

The Auto-110 system is a small series of two ultra-compacy film bodies and six lenses designed for 110 film.  This type of film is unfortunately no longer in production, and therefore very difficult to find.

In the near future, we also plan on adding the Auto-110 cameras to our Pentax camera database!

We hope you enjoy these informative Pentax resources!

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