Serial Number Database Specializes for K1000

Our dedicated serial number database incorporates specialized features for the K1000

By PF Staff in Site News on Oct 22, 2010
Serial Number Database Specializes for K1000

A few weeks ago, we launched our Pentax Serial Number Database - a custom database designed to document serial number trends for Pentax lenses, cameras, and accessories.  The database can also be used to identify defective products, and allows users to upload serial numbers anonymously if privacy is a concern. Some users may even choose to use the database to keep track their own serials- our "Print View" function is there to facilitate this.

Today, we've updated the database to provide a specialized description template for the K1000, which, as you may know, came in dozens of different variations.

Previously, we tracked these variations in a dedicated K1000 thread.  Now, we're migrating that data to the serial number database, where it will be easier to browse.  Please check the thread for details!

Click here to add your K1000 to the database!

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