Tamron Adaptall Database

Dedicated category added to our Pentax Lens Database

By PF Staff in Site News on Aug 23, 2010
Tamron Adaptall Database

In response to user suggestions regarding the splitting of our Tamron lens reviews into Adaptall and regular lenses, we've now created a database category dedicated to Tamron Adaptall lenses.  These lenses feature a universal mount which can be used on a wide range of other camera mounts, including the Pentax K-mount (using the Adaptall-to-Pentax mount adapter).

Forum users are free to post reviews of existing lenses, as well as add new lenses if they are not already listed.  If you have any missing information or photos of a lens, please contact us, and an administrator will add the information to the appropriate lens entry. Please register if you would like to post a review and don't currently have an account.

Below are links to the new Adaptall Database:

We are looking forward to your reviews and contributions to this database!




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