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By PF Staff in Site News on Nov 10, 2010
Website Search Overhauled

In the past, you may have noticed that our internal search engine had trouble with sorted terms as well as with terms containing symbols, such as "*ist", "k-7", or "k5".

Yesterday, we implemented a new intelligent system which checks search queries for such terms, and permits their use through a special algorithm which prioritizes relevance.  Thus, searches such as "pentax k5 review" will now yield friutful results, rather than simply outputting an error message!  Try it for yourself!

As a reminder, in addition to the navbar search menu, our forum features a search box in the upper-right corner of each page.  This field automatically searches only the section of the site you are currently viewing, so if you're in the lens reviews, a search for "50mm" will return all the Pentax 50mm lenses, while if you were in the forum, the search would return relevant threads.  We strongly recommend use of this quick search box!

Enjoy!  Discuss here.

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