Adam spotted at night with the 645Z

By PF Staff in Site News on Jul 8, 2014
Adam spotted at night with the 645Z

Your dedicated forum administrator Adam was spotted Saturday night out in the Arizona desert with what looked like a cobblestone, but on closer inspection turned out to be a Pentax 645Z medium format camera.

Javelinas and coyotes were nosing around in the vicinity, but that didn't deter Adam who was busy trying to make something out of a rapidly deteriorating weather situation. July is monsoon season, and before you know it your starlit sky turns into a thunderstorm.

We can't wait to find out how the 645Z performed - did it get hit by lightning, or did it prevail and captured some images? I guess we'll find out soon enough when Adam posts his first impressions of the cobble stone, sorry, 645Z.

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