Current Pentax K-Mount Lenses

Dedicated database page

By PF Staff in Site News on Mar 4, 2012

We've added a page to our Lens Review Database which lists only lenses that are currently available, regardless of series.  Over the coming days, we will work on making this page more visible.  For how, however, we invite you to view it directly:

Current Pentax K-Mount Lenses

Please note that currently, all lenses are sorted alphabetically.  This means that 10mm and 100mm will come before 20mm and 200mm, and so on.

Our Pentax Lens Review Database is a comprehensive database of Pentax K-mount, screwmount, medium format, and other interchangeable lenses for Pentax cameras.  It includes 375 lenses and over 4,000 user-submitted lens reviews!

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