EXIF Information for All Uploaded Photos

In the forum, gallery, and album systems

By PF Staff in Site News on Feb 28, 2012

As you may know, we have several places where you can upload and share photos, including:

Just over a year ago, we added an EXIF reading system to all three areas.  However, only photos that weren't scaled by our system (i.e. were within our image dimension limits) had their EXIF data displayed.

Now, we are happy to announce that we've upgraded our system and it now retains EXIF for all photos, as long as the metadata was there to begin with.  We hope you enjoy this improved feature and that it helps those that seek to troubleshoot problems with their images!

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Whenever you attach a photo to a thread, the EXIF data will be shown in a dropdown above the photo.  In all other areas, the EXIF will be displayed in a table below your upload.  We currently do not support EXIF display in external photos.

See also the attachment EXIF discussion thread.




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