Thank you, Bruce Stephenson!

Farewell to and best wishes from "Bramela"

By PF Staff in Site News on Nov 10, 2013
Thank you, Bruce Stephenson!

Many Pentaxians will be aware that Bruce (Bramela) Stephenson from Newcastle, Australia, has been an active Pentax Forums contributor since 2007- shortly after the site was launched- participating in numerous competitions, games, challenges, and discussion threads.  He has also served as a Forum Moderator over the course of the past several years, and he has been a huge help to the Forum in that role.

Today, we are sad to inform the community that Bruce has fallen very ill. He was rushed to hospital earlier this week with inoperable stomach cancer and doesn't have much time left.

He is in remarkably good spirits though and together with his wife Pam, he is drawing great strength from his faith and family. In typical form, he has asked that no fuss be made. More than that, he has specifically requested that his best wishes and thanks be passed on to his Forum friends all over the world. Photography is his passion and the Forum enhanced it mightily for him.

In keeping with his request, private messages to him via the Forum would seem a nice way to wish him well; his wife has already drawn comfort from a couple of early PMs and she can choose when it is best to pass on more to him.

Also in keeping with his request that no fuss be made, arrangements are already in hand to have a nice bunch of flowers delivered to Bruce with a simple, no-names card just wishing him the best on behalf of his Forum mates. Flowers are one of Bruce's passions as a photographer, home gardener and volunteer worker at his regional Botanic Gardens.

In many places it is traditional for us to chip in on such occasions but this is impractical for all sorts of reasons in the circumstances. Instead, it seems a good opportunity for individuals to consider donating something to a cancer charity in their own area. Or, if “Movember” is currently being run in your town, perhaps sponsorship of someone you know, on Bruce's behalf, might be fitting.  We're pretty sure Bruce would be greatly cheered by this.

As a sign of our appreciation for Bruce, we will be dedicating Monday, November 11th as a day to honor him in this month's Single in November photo thread.  We invite everyone to post a flower photo for Bruce on that day, since flowers are his passion.  The photo can be taken on the 11th or before: it's no matter.  Click here to post a photo for Bruce to see!

Farewell and thanks for everything, Bruce!  You will be missed on behalf of the whole Pentax community.

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