Looking back on Pentax events in 2011

The year in review

By PF Staff in Site News on Dec 29, 2011

As we move on to a fresh new year, let's take a look back at the highlights of 2011 both on PentaxForums.com and from Pentax itself!


  • Pentax added SDXC support to the K-x, K-r, K-7, K-5, and 645D DSLRs
  • Pentax formally acknowledged the K-5 sensor stain issue and resolved it in future bodies


  • Pentax announced the 25mm F4 ultra-wide lens for the 645D (which interestingly still isn't available in the US)
  • Pentax announced the Optio WG-1 point-and-shoot camera 
  • Pentax announced a limited edition Silver K-5
Pentax Announces 25mm F4 Lens for 645D


  • Pentax announced the Optio RS1500 and Optio S1 point-and-shoot cameras
  • A destructive earthquake strikes Japan, greatly slowing the photo industry
  • PentaxForums.com gave away a Pentax 18-135mm lens and 5 Eye-Fi SD cards
  • PentaxForums.com added a sidebar containing the latest reviews to the lens and equipment databases
  • The K-x was officially discontinued
  • PentaxForums.com added a search system to the homepage


Photo Thumbnails in Threads!



  • Pentax adds GPS support to the K-5, K-r, and 645D via the O-GPS1 accessory
  • Pentax announces the Pentax Q, the smallest interchangeable-lens digital camera in the world
  • PentaxForums.com hosts the largest World Pentax Day event to date
  • PentaxForums.com gives away a 40mm limited lens
  • PentaxForums.com adds EXIF information for all attached photos

Pentax O-GPS1


  • Pentax announces its acquisition by Ricoh
  • PentaxForums.com reviews the 645D and compares it to the Nikon D3x
  • PentaxForums.com launches a fresh forum design with many new features


  • PentaxForums.com overhauls the in-depth review section and announces several new reviews
  • The PentaxForums.com equipment databases were upgraded with a "Likes" system and a better rating system


  • Pentax announces the Optio RZ-18 point-and-shoot camera
  • PentaxForums.com gives away 50 remote control F's to celebrate the 5th year of the site
  • The PentaxForums.com equipment databases were upgraded with average price charts



  • PentaxForums.com wins the "Board of the Month" title at vBulletin.org
  • PentaxForums.com adds a commenting system to its homepage
  • PentaxForums.com launches its largest giveaway to date, featuring over $1000 in prizes
  • PentaxForums.com launches a Google Plus page
  • PentaxForums.com gets a new logo
  • The K-5 sells for $999 in a special Cyber Monday deal


We'd like to wish all our members a Happy New Year!  Having not heard anything about new K-mount DSLRs in 2011, we expect Pentax start of 2012 with a series of new camera and lens announcements - we'll post the news on our homepage once it comes out, so we hope you'll stay tuned!




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