Making Connections

A New Feature to Speed Up Response Times to Threads

By PF Staff in Site News on Sep 29, 2010
Making Connections

A new feature has been added to the PentaxForums that should improve our ability to help one another get useful advice, to answers to questions, to join conversations, and to show off our photos.

The next time you log on, check the top of each window for a link to Unanswered Threads. Click on the link to open a new page with a list of threads that no one has responded to yet. You can also find the Unanswered Threads link in the top menu bar. Simply click on The Latest and then move your cursor to the Unanswered Threads link. There's yet a third place to access Unanswered Threads—click on the word Forum in the menu at the top of each page. This will open drop-down menu. Scroll down and select the link. 

This new feature should be a benefit to everyone, from those who post threads to other members who might have something to contribute but who would otherwise overlook an interesting topic. And it doesn't take a lot of time to scan the list of unanswered threads, so there's no reason why you shouldn't make connections to topics of interest to you, even if you're busy. So log in and join in. That's what makes the PentaxForums one of the friendliest and most helpful places on the web.

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