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We have revamped our 35mm MF SLR database

By PF Staff in Site News on Feb 29, 2012

The manual focus SLR section in our comprehensive camera database has been updated with detailed descriptions of each camera. Various inaccuracies were corrected. We hope you will enjoy this update and please let us know if you find any errors or omissions!

Cameras of note in this category are the Pentax K1000, ME, Super Program, and LX.

Feel free to add your own reviews to the database if you use any of these old cameras!

The manual focus film SLR category is a sub-section of our Pentax Camera Review Database, which contains a complete listing of all Pentax DSLRs, mirrorless digital cameras, K-mount SLRs, medium format cameras, and screwmount film SLRs.  We also have a listing of all Pentax compact digital cameras from 2011 and newer.  In total, this is over 100 camera listings with more than 600 user-submitted reviews!

See also our in-depth camera reviews.

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