New Pentax Forum Feature: @Tagging

Get notified when others quote or tag you

By PF Staff in Site News on Apr 5, 2012

We've recently added a system to our forum which will notify you whenever someone else quotes one of your posts or tags you using the @UserName syntax.

When this happens, you will see the following notification in the upper-right corner of any forum page:

At Tagging

You will then be able to dismiss the notification and see/open the post in which you were quoted or tagged:

At Tagging

Unlike our thread subscription system, this new quote notification/user tagging system does not send out any e-mail notifications; notifications are only shown on the forum itself.  Furthermore, you don't have to opt-in in order to be notified whenever someone else tags you, meaning that others can invite you into their threads quickly and easily!

As soon as you become active on our forum, you will likely see this feature kick in!

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Below are examples of what would trigger a notification for the forum user "Adam":

At Tagging

At Tagging

If you think you're too popular for this system to do you any good, you may disable it via the 'Disable Enhanced Notifications' option found in your User CP options page.  If you do this, you won't get any notifications, but you will still be able to see where and when you were quoted via the User CP.

We hope that this new feature will enhance your overall forum experience and lead you to content you may have otherwise missed!

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