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New Forum Feature: Today's Photos

By PF Staff in Site News on Feb 21, 2014

Our forum navigation system includes many links that make it easy to find new and interesting content, but until now, we had no dedicated page showing you all the latest photos being posted and discussed on the forum.

Today, we're happy to announce that this changes, with the addition of the "Today's Photos" and "Recent Updates" links under the new "Photo Threads" heading in the dropdown menu in the upper-right of each of our forum pages.  These links are available to guests and registered users alike.

The "Today's Photos" link will take you to a page showing all photo threads posted within the last 24 hours in our photo sharing and critique forums.  They will be sorted by the original upload date, with newer photos coming first.

The "Recent Updates" link displays a bit more.  After clicking on the link, you'll be taken to a page with photo threads that have recently been updated (i.e. those that received new comments).  The results on this page will be sorted by the time of the latest comment, with newer comments coming first.  This link also includes threads from our Lens Sample Photo Archive, Lens Clubs, Weekly Photo Challenge and Mini-Challenge forums.

A key feature of these two pages is that they include thumbnails, making photos easier to browse.

Today's Photos: sample result

The screenshot above shows what a typical "Today's Photos" results page might look like.

If you'd like to bookmark either of the two new pages, please copy the links below when asked for the URL:

Even though the links may appear somewhat intimidating, you cannot simply bookmark the address of the landing page, since it contains a unique search session that expires after an hour.

We hope you enjoy the handy new links!




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